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2024 LDSC End Of Summer Classic

The End of Summer Classic is back for 2024 once again at Knox Fields in East Aurora thanks to the Aurora Arsenal Soccer Club.  Tournament Dates are 7/26-7/28. 

Coming in from out of town? Click on the link below for an East Aurora, NY  visitor guide:


Registration for this year's tournament is now open.

U9-U12:  $475        U13 - U19: $550

Hotel Information

We are excited to announce that LDSC has partnered with Pellucid Travel as our official housing provider! Should you choose to stay overnight, Pellucid will ensure that you have the best, discounted, tournament-approved hotel options for your stay. 

If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact Katie at

Tournament Rules


July 26th, July 27th and July 28th, 2024


Girls U09-U19, Boys U09-U19.  If a U09  division cannot be created, those teams will be placed in the appropriate U10 division based upon team strength.

Registration Fee:


$475  (U9-U12)

$550  (U13-U19)



Eligible Teams:

Club teams and Travel teams. If Premier teams are accepted, they will compete in an older age bracket.

Tournament Format:

3 game guarantee.


U09-U10 ~ Two 25-minute halves. Five PKs at end for fun.

U11-U19 ~ Two 30-minute halves. 3 referee system.

U09-U10 divisions are a 7v7 format. U11-U12 are a 9v9 format.


Local teams (U11-U19) may have to play on Friday night.


NOTE:  Teams will be listed on the schedule in the following format

<CLUB NAME> <Team Name>


U09-U10 ~ Festival Format. All participants will receive an award. U11-U19 ~ Individual and team awards for 1st place.

Registration Deadline:

July 1, 2024


Address: 171 Knox Road East Aurora NY 14052

Here is the online registration link:

If you need further information, please email We will respond as soon as possible. 


2024 Tournament Rules


Who is eligible: Club and competitive Travel teams. Canadian teams and Premier or all-star teams must be approved by the Tournament Director and must play in an older age bracket.

  • Team must be registered with their State or National organization.
  • Players must possess a current USYSA player pass or approved national pass.
  • A maximum of three (3) guest players is permitted.
  • Guest players must have an approved player pass at team check-in.
  • Following NYSWYSA rules, U09-U10 divisions are non-competitive.


  • FIFA and NYSWYSA laws are in effect except as amended below.
  • A 3-referee system will be used in all games except the U09-U10 divisions.
  • Copies of your roster will be held by the tournament committee so that player passes may be randomly checked against it during the tournament.
  • The players and roster verified prior to the tournament is your official tournament team.  Any player that has not been verified as part of your tournament team will be considered an illegal player.
  • Players may not be registered or play for more than ONE team during the tournament regardless of age, gender, or level of play.
  • The Field Marshals will perform random roster and player pass checks during the tournament.  At the start of each game, all players must have a valid pass to be eligible to play.
  • Teams identified as using an illegal (not registered to play on that team) player will be dismissed from the tournament and no refund (partial or full) will be issued.
  • When possible, both teams will occupy one side of the field with all spectators on the other side of the field.
  • The “Home Team” is responsible for a uniform color change in the event of uniform color conflict.
  • The “Home Team” will also be responsible for providing the game ball.
  • No spectators are allowed on the bench side of the field.
  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of themselves, their assistants, players, and spectators.


  • U09-U10 - 14 per roster; 7 v 7 during game; Max of 3 guest players. Minimum of 3 games.
  • U11-U12 - 18 per roster; 9 v 9 game format; Max of 3 guest players. Minimum of 3 games.
  • U13-U19 - 22 per roster (only 18 can dress per game); 11 v 11 game format; Max of 3 guest players. Minimum of 3 games.


  • Players are required to wear shin guards, and proper uniforms to coincide with FIFA, USSF, and NYSWYSA guidelines.  No jewelry shall be worn by any player during match play.


  • Three (3) officials per game will be used for all U11-U19 games; one (1) referee plus two (2) assistant referees.  One (1) official will be used for U09-U10 games.
  • The referee has sole jurisdiction over the game.
  • The offending team, regardless of score or time left, will forfeit any games abandoned by the referee due to conduct of any person (player, coach, spectator).
  • The forfeit scoring will follow the forfeit rules as stated in “Scoring”.
  • The Officials or winning team coach will report the score of all games (except U09-U10).  Scores will posted at the main tent and posted on our web site.
  • Red cards and sideline ejections will also be recorded.


  • All preliminary games will have NO OVERTIME and may end in a tie (see scoring section).
  • U11-U19 games will be 60 minutes (2 halves @ 30 minutes)
  • U09-U10 games will be 50 minutes (2 halves @ 25 minutes)
  • There will be a five minute interval between halves.
  • All U09-U10 games will end with penalty kicks regardless of the final score.  Five (5) players from each team will participate. This is purely for fun.


  • Scoring will not be recorded for all U09-U10 Divisions
  • Preliminary Round:
    • Win - 3 points
    • Tie - 1 point
    • Loss - 0 points
    • Shutout Win - Extra 1 point


  • In the event of a tie in a group, the tiebreakers will be determined as follows:
    • Head to Head  (If 2 or more teams are tied proceed to the next tie breaker)
    • Most games won
    • Goal differential (maximum 3 goals differential per game)
    • Least goals against
    • Goals for, divided by goals against, ratio
    • FIFA penalty kicks
  • All divisions (except U09-U10) must have a winner.
  • In the case of a team that is considered a no show, forfeit or cancellation, a score of 3-0 (3 points) will be awarded to the winning team.
  • All championship games that end in a draw will have 2 overtime periods of 5 minutes each.  There will be a 2 minute break between the overtime periods.  If the game is still a draw after the overtime periods, penalty kicks per FIFA rules will be used to determine the CHAMPION and the Runner-up.


  • Unlimited substitutions are permitted at the start of the half, on either team's throw-in, preceding goal kicks, following the scoring of a goal, or following the injury of a player.
  • There is no limit on substitutions in the U09-U10 divisions.


  • Any player receiving two (2) yellow cards or a red card during match play will be asked to remove themselves from the field of play.  The player may not participate in his or her next tournament game.
  • A violent (hard) red card will warrant either a two game suspension or disqualification from further play in the tournament as determined by the Tournament Committee.
  • Any coach ejected will not participate in any remaining games for that team.
  • Any spectators asked to leave will be removed from all tournament sites for the duration of tournament.


  • Coaches and players must appear on the field, ready to play, regardless of weather conditions, unless advised by the tournament committee.
  • Only the referee or tournament committee may cancel or postpone a game due to weather.  In cases of inclement weather before the game, the tournament committee may reschedule games, change locations of games, delay it, or shorten the length of it.
  • It is the responsibility of each coach to check at the main tent periodically for any changes, at the end and the beginning of each day.
  • Every attempt will be made to contact each team based on the contact phone number given at registration.
  • Any rescheduled games that are missed will be recorded as a forfeit.


  • The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament, including interpretations of the rules and regulations.





  • Players may not be registered for or play for more than ONE team during the tournament regardless of age, gender or level of play.  Teams identified as breaking this rule will be dismissed from the tournament and no refund (partial or full) will be issued.
  • You will be contacted via e-mail regarding the tournament schedules and maps 1-2 weeks prior to the tournament date. The schedules and field map can be viewed under the tournament section of our website.
  • Rosters may not be changed after the tournament registration process has been completed.
  • Any team using a player either not validated or dual-rostered will forfeit all games.
  • In the U13-U19 divisions, you may roster 22 players, but only 18 players may dress for each game.
  • Tournament fees are non-refundable


  • You must submit a copy of the liability release/Medical Consent form (above) listing all of the players who will be participating in the tournament.  For each minor participant, we require parent/guardian signature. Participants 18 and over can sign on their own. This form must be e-mailed to us as part of the registration prior to the start of the tournament.


  • All teams from outside the New York State area are required to submit an approved 'Permit to Travel' form.  You can apply for them within your area organizations.  Please contact your organizations governing body for more information. (may require 30 days to process, apply early).


  • The ONLY acceptable proof of age will be a VALID USSF, state, national, or provincial pass/book that includes the signature and photograph of the player.

During the tournament, coaches will need to have a valid player pass for all of the players listed on their roster.

REGISTRATION will be done prior to the tournament.  You will need to e-mail the following items to

  • A copy of your certified league roster (including jersey #'s and player ID's), with guest players added on.
  • Electronic copies of player passes, please send in color. Send passes separately and do NOT send Google links.
  • Liability/Medical Release form. 
  • Guest Player Form (if applicable)
  • Permission to travel form (if applicable).