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Coaches Corner

Useful Information and Updates for our great LDSC Coaches

Travel Soccer Policies

BWNYSL Full Policy Document is located HERE

Items of Note for 2018

Policy 8

  • Defines and Addresses Dual Carded Player Policies
  • Defines and Addresses Club Pass Player Policies
  • Defines Roster Freeze Policy and Dates

Policy 9 B

  • Addresses the questions around Risk Management Pass vs Driver's License discussions from the 4/19 Coach's Meeting

Policy 12 P

  • Defines expectations of equal playing time for u12 and under

Policy 12 Q

  • Defines the rules around the new build out line for u10 and under games

Policy 12 Qb

  • Addresses that for u10 and under, goalkeepers cannot punt the ball after they have possession of the ball.

Policy 12 T

  • No drones are allowed in or around the field of play.

Addendum A

  • Details of the placement of the new build out line


New York State West Tournament Listings

The main master list of NYS tournaments.