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Club Travel

2019-2020 Travel Registration is open - Deadline is 2/1/2020

If you were contacted that you made one of our 2019-2020 Travel Teams you can register HERE

If you have any questions, please email

LDSC Club Travel Uniform Ordering Information

Uniforms for the 2019-2020 Travel Season can be ordered at


For those that did not attend the fitting dates, electronic copies of the information is below


Travel Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Travel soccer?

Club Travel soccer is competitive soccer played against teams from other towns or communities.  Games are played in the Western NY area as a member of the Buffalo and Western NY Junior Soccer League.  Club Travel soccer is designed for players and parents who desire a higher level of commitment in time, effort, training and competition.  Players who have shown an interest and ability greater than most recreational players can benefit from moving to Club Travel soccer. If an ability and desire to play soccer and be challenged at a higher level exists we recommend that your child play club travel.

What levels of soccer exist?

There are three basic levels of soccer: recreational (house), club travel and premier. Each level provides an increased level of commitment and cost.  Lancaster Depew Soccer recommends parents and players decide the level that suits them.  Most young players benefit from playing with their friends and classmates in their own community.  LDSC strives to form as many teams as possible at the younger ages to give children a chance to experience Club Travel soccer.  There are a few premier programs in the area which require time and financial commitments far above that of Lancaster-Depew Club Travel.  Lancaster-Depew Soccer Club does provide Premier level programs at select age groups at a significantly lower cost.

How far will our team travel?

The Lancaster Depew Soccer Club is a member of the Buffalo and Western New York Junior Soccer League (B&WNYJSL).  League play takes place in Buffalo and the Western New York area on weeknights. There are teams as far north as Wilson and Youngstown and to the south in Holland and Arcade.  If your team plays only league games (no tournaments) you will only play in Western New York. Tournament participation is at the coach’s discretion. Although these may take place anywhere in the US and Canada, the majority of LDSC travel teams plan tournaments in the WNY and/or Rochester areas, usually avoiding hotel expenses.

How often do Club Travel teams play and practice?

During the Club Travel season (April to August) teams have one game per week and practice one or two times per week.  The exact schedule is determined by the teams coaching staff. Winter (January to April) indoor practices take place at local school gyms, or private indoor facilities like Sahlen’s Sport Park.  Weather permitting and at the coach’s discretion, Club Travel teams may also hold Fall outdoor practices. Player development is a key component to Club Travel soccer and LDSC tries to give players as many opportunities as possible to develop their skills.  *Some teams may also participate in local indoor Winter leagues at an additional charge.

What if my child plays another sport?

Most Club Travel coaches encourage participation in multiple sports throughout the year, especially for players under the age of 13 to 14.  Although Club Travel requires some level of commitment, many players able to juggle a schedule involving multiple sports. Our coaches are expected to offer some consideration during the winter training season for conflicts.  We would suggest you speak to your prospective team’s coach regarding expected commitment requirements. Coaches will provide season expectations around the time of tryouts. Players are generally expected to commit to a minimum of 75% of all team activities during the year.  At older age levels, team expectations or division levels may be adjusted based on player ability to commit and involvement in other activities such as sports, jobs, or school functions.

When are Club Travel tryouts held?

Club Travel tryouts are generally held at the end of the regular Club Travel season, late July/early August.  The B&WNYJSL require all teams to be registered, with fees and bonds paid well in advance of the season opener (typically May).  In order to be prepared for that deadline and hold outdoor tryouts in weather that is conducive to being outdoors, we must start the process at that time.  Players are generally still in shape from the previous season which allows them to best showcase their skills. LDSC takes appropriate time evaluating players, assigning teams and making cuts.

Why are there tryouts? Don’t teams move up in age each year? Aren’t teams already formed?

All players are re-evaluated each year.  The Director of Travel oversees tryouts at each age and the coach and a team of evaluators assess the talents of each player.  After each tryout, coaches and assessors rate the players and rosters are submitted for review by the Travel Coordinator and designated committee.  The committee reviews the submissions to ensure that a fair assessment and placement has been made. Every attempt is made to maximize the opportunities for the players and to field viable teams.

How much playing time can my child expect?

The B&WNJYSL and LDSC mandate that every player in age groups U10, U11 and U12 receive at least one-half game playing time in each regular league game, unless otherwise prevented due to injury or absence.  It is recommended that this policy be voluntarily followed at U13 and older. This mandate is based upon the assumption that the player regularly attends practice sessions and games, is on time and exhibits a positive team attitude.  Tournament playing time may vary by age level.

My child wants to play with her friends. Can we request placement with those players?

We do not accept requests for placement on travel teams. Players are able to tryout and obtain placement based on a demonstration of their skills.

Can my child play for the LDSC and a Premier level team (e.g. Empire, GPS, Flash)?

The B&WNYSL does allow for a limited amount of dual carded Premier players.  If a town team (e.g. Lancaster FC, Clarence)  offers a Premier level program, they are not eligible

Are LDSC coaches trained?

Within a year of appointment all Club Travel head coaches must complete the US Soccer Youth module and are encouraged to complete an “E” licensing course.  These courses give the coaches a solid baseline of training. Many continue with advanced training courses which the LDSC will help subsidize. Enhancing the skills of our coaches is a key component in improvement of the overall quality of the LDSC program.  Our Director of Training is the Board member specifically assigned to support the coaches in creating effective training session.

What are the estimated Club Travel costs?

A typical team has a yearly (November thru July) total per player cost of about $200-300.  This includes LDSC registration, uniforms, insurance, 12 weeks of Winter training and the LDSC tournament.  This amount is also affected by various discretionary items, such as tournaments including travel/hotel, team apparel, bags, additional training & indoor league play.


Revised Age Matrix

As previously adopted for the 2016-2017 Season LDSC will continue to abide by  the new US Soccer Age Matrix Guidelines.  This transitions from the date of birth guidelines to the new year of birth guidelines.

Details from US Soccer  are located HERE